At What Age Addiction Hits Home

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Image2 You will be surprised to know that no drug is basically bad, harmful or addictive unless it is abused. In order to understand how drugs affect you or your love one, you must understand what drugs actually are. In general, drugs alter the chemical state of a person’s body and mind. Addiction can meet at any age or any stage in life, its dependency is harmful and sometimes life taking as well.

Drugs can be categorized in three groups.

(1) Medicines: As drugs change the chemical state of your body and/or mind, when you feel sick you are prescribed some (good) drugs by your doctor to balance the chemical imbalance in your body to get you better.

(2) Legal addictive drugs: Alcohol and tobacco are harmful yet legal in many parts of the world like North American and Australia. They can cause damage to your body and mind.

(3) Illegal addictive drugs: There are many drugs which fall into these categories.

One of the 52 Brocca areas is specified in the brain which gets activated and it excites naturally when a person feels with sense of belongings to God but an addict fails to feel this. Drugs diminish and inhibit his spiritual powers along with other areas of life.

Nishan Rehab offers services for the same troubled five areas of life when addiction hits home. When families visit us and ask for the treatment of their loved one kidnapped by the addiction, the first thing we like to explain them is dysfunctionality in all five life aspects.


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