Chronic Disease Model

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There are currently a number of different models that can be used to explain addiction treatment and its recovery process. Minnesota Model or 12 Step Treatment program is currently the one that is considered most favored in dealing with addiction and spiritual healing. There are other ways of looking at addiction that have won support, and some would argue provide a better description of the situation.

Nishan Rehab incorporates the 12 Step program along with Attitudinal Healing that are frequently touted as the most effective mains of tackling addiction. This model is based on a number of tenets which will be described below. The disease theory is associated with the following beliefs:

  • Addiction is a chronic lifelong disease which cannot be cured but managed only.
  • There is a genetic predisposition that makes people more likely to become addicted.
  • Even if the individual manages to stop drinking or using drugs they should still consider themselves to be an addict. The terms recovering alcoholic or recovering drug addict are preferred over recovered alcoholic or addict.
  • The 12 steps program is the most effective treatment for all addicts.
  • There is no need for therapy to be individualized to suit the addict – one size fits all.
  • The primary support for the individual hoping to escape alcohol or drug abuse needs to come from other people who are recovering from an addiction.
  • It is vital that the individual accepts the alcoholic or drug addict label.
  • Complete abstinence is the only possible solution for people who have become substance abusers.

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