Clinical Interview

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Clinical Interview is the direct purposeful and meaningful conversation between a client and a therapist (Bingham and Moore, 1924). Interview provide us the basis for the assessment and psychotherapies. Clinical interviews are assessment oriented which occur when a patient contact with the clinic. The interview is the major vehicle for exploring the conscious concern, feelings and problems of the substance abusers as they experience them. Clinical interview helps a clinician to understand the exact nature of the problem and leads to plan further therapeutic intervention. Understanding the client’s problem and efforts to solve them are two interlocking phases of a continuous process. It requires collaboration of therapist and client which can be achieved after interviewing a person suffering with any kind of disorder.

In order to assess a substance abuser in a traditional way Nishan Rehab International uses Intake interview, diagnostic interview, social-history interview and psychological testing. According to the findings of these interviews and assessment a therapeutic plan is designed. Clinical Interviews are based upon questions which are used to probe the client. There should be open ended questions which help a clinician to probe about the client. There are some purposes of taking this interview.

  1. To establish the interpersonal relationship (rapport, trust etc.) which is necessary for further clinical intervention and therapeutic plan.
  2. To gain information about the client and to get knowledge of the problem. It basically lead for the proper assessment.
  3. To give information about the working of the rehabilitation, possible future programs, conditions of therapy, charges etc.
  4. Bolstering the patient’s condition to resolve and improve the things.



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