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A Message

For Whom This Page is?

  • People affected by someone’s alcoholism, addiction, illness, compulsion, hurtful or irresponsible behaviors, including anger management issues, rage, and abuse.
  • Double Winners—Alcoholic’s or Addicts with codependency underneath—especially those addicts and alcoholics who need to forgive themselves for having this disease.
  • People legitimately care-taking anyone—parent, child, or ill spouse—who need to remember to take care of themselves too.
  • Adult and Teenage Children of Alcoholics, Addicts, and parents whose problem affected (and still affects) us.
  • People codependent on codependents.
  • Classic codependents who want more information, peace, and power and are ready for an upgrade to Codependent No More.
  • Men, women, and children who have been sexually, physically, or emotionally abused.
  • People who turned an idea (codependency recovery) intended to free us into another set of repressive, fundamentalist rules.
  • People who need to go to groups for a while.
  • People who hate the word codependency and don’t need to go to groups or therapy at all.


No one walks alone and when one is walking on the journey of life just where you start to thank those that joined you, walked beside you, and helped you, and helped you along the way.
Infoera is obliged to put forward its heartiest thanks to all the four member of the team who gave their valuable time and bestowed their best efforts to make this book a success. Book was originally written by Melody Beattie.

First of all, thanking Dr. Tallat for proposing this idea to reproduce a book on Codependency and providing major contribution to bring this to reality. Secondly, Miss Lubna, psychologist, for assisting with proof-reading and putting forward all the methods that could help this book emerge in a hard format. Miss Khatija’s contribution, despite of her exams, are really commendable and Infoera thanks for her for sparing time to give her input. Finally, Miss Anita, who has helped to finalize with booklet by completing all the tasks assigned to her. This mesmerizing and smart look of this book is a result of team effort.

Nishan is attaching summary of the book which can be downloaded for educational purposes. Thanks.

Codependent No More

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