Conditional Admission Program

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Over the last few years, addiction treatments have adopted new laws that regulate the use of coercive measures in psychiatric care and mental health. When your loved is dependent on alcohol/drugs to function in daily life, this can have a negative impact on the relationships with those people closest to him/her, and lead to problems in his/her work and social life. Clinical Team at Nishan Rehab provides the counseling to the family that can help to reduce the impact of addiction dependency.

We understand embarking upon recovery can be an emotionally turbulent time for the family and their loved one suffering with addiction. With this in mind, Nishan offers a pre counseling admission session with an experienced therapist at our facility to help you discuss your addiction in confidence. Family members are given training to decide about the treatment of their loved one suffering with a cunning and buffering disease. Nishan Escort Service is available 24/7 to make the process easier for the family facing with admission difficulty.

Treatment is a vital step in the recovery process for addicts. While treatment does provide stabilization and initial sobriety, too often it is not outfitted to provide long term recovery and support, a problem which may end up causing a future relapse. It Takes a Family focuses on providing family members and addicts with vital information that can help them create their own recovery support and monitoring systems. Conditional treatment also aides family members in working together and as individuals in finding an appropriate balance between personal responsibilities and building a circle of support to help the one in recovery. Rather than allowing the addict to take on their recovery alone, we understand that it truly does take a family to keep an addict on track and thus makes the family a part of the recovery team while encouraging recovery for all family members.

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