Drug Addiction Snatched A Brilliant Singer Mr. Zain Ali

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The mysterious death of Zain Ali, a Pakistani singer who contested in the Indian reality show ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ in 2012, has sent shock waves across the music fraternity. Zain was found lying unconscious in a washroom at his friend’s place in Sheikhupura, according to Khaleej Times.

The singer, who hailed from Lahore, left his home on Thursday night to visit his friends. His brother, Sonu Ali, was quoted as saying to a local daily, “Zain told us he was going to hang out with his friends for a few days but we woke up to the news of his death.”

Police are investigating the case. However, rumours of drug overdose are doing the rounds. Sonu confirmed that his brother did have drug addiction issues, but denied drug overdose taking Zain’s life.

According to media reports, initial reports allude to a potential brain haemorrhage as being the cause of Zain’s untimely death. However, the actual medical reason is still to be ascertained and the family is awaiting the final postmortem report.

With news of Zain’s death coming shortly after the suicide of Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington, Pakistan’s Punjabi music community initially dubbed the Lahori singer’s death as “another suicide”.

However, Zain’s family are certain that the musician did not take his own life, “I am certain he didn’t commit suicide but I guess we’ll have confirmation once the investigation and postmortem reports are here,” said Sonu.

The singer was apparently working on a new music for an upcoming film and was eagerly looking forward to it, which makes the news of his demise even more shocking.

Zain was catapulted to fame after his appearance in Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, and he quickly became a household name in both Pakistan and India.

His supporters even included Bollywood powerhouse Shah Rukh Khan. Many industry veterans considered Zain to be at the forefront of the future Pakistani music.

Reference: https://www.pakistantoday.com.pk/2017/07/23/sa-re-ga-ma-pa-star-zain-ali-found-dead/

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