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We believe that all parts of our treatment & all our professional work bring equal value into each client’s healing process. We collaborate & communicate with each other throughout a client’s care–everything from mental and physical exercises, group/individual therapy, Counseling sessions and Art therapy provide important information to the healing process.

In the process of healing, it is essential that the recovery client feels the utmost safety and comfort in his/her environment and with his/her care & support providers. This allows the client to open him/her to hope, healing and long-lasting change. Emotional sobriety is a paramount dimension of our program. We create an environment that allows for change to happen. We believe recovery is a choice that needs to be chosen freely instead of being imposed upon.

Overcoming an addiction is a serious issue, but this doesn’t mean that enjoyment is off the menu here at Nishan Rehab. In fact, we see fun excursions and outing activities as a key element of addiction treatment in the facility. We like to let our clients know how to enjoy life again because we know this is going to increase his/her commitment to recovery and then sobriety.

By providing safe, exciting and varied excursions, we introduce fun into the lives of our recovering clients. Because it’s a task-oriented treatment, so the clients need to earn excursion facility by learning and following the treatment protocol. In fact, learning to help each other enjoy new experiences, brings its own rewards by raising self-esteem and dispelling loneliness.

Excursions includes weekly shopping to the malls and visiting beautiful hilly areas around the capital city. These excursions and activities also trigger the release of ‘Happy’ hormones in clients’ brains, and this can help them heal from addiction and staying longer in recovery. Most important of all, clients get to see for themselves that it is going to be possible for them to enjoy life without abusing drugs


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