Formal Assessment

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formal assessmentIn order to diagnose a person with substance abuse it is not enough that we talked to him. However, there are some standardized, scientific, and systematic procedures through which we diagnose the substance abuser suffering from the addiction or alcoholism. In order to get the desired results a therapist should be having some expertise in psychometry because right diagnosis will lead for the right therapeutic plan which will help us to get the desired results. Whenever we talk about standardized way of formal assessment it means that there will be some valid, and reliable tests through which a person will be diagnosed. Intake interview, diagnostic interview and history interview provide the basis for application of the standardized test. Whenever we talk about scientific way of formal assessment it means that there will be some statically factual figures on the basis of these figure we can diagnose a person for clinical assessment. Similarly whenever we talk about the systematic way of formal assessment it means that it follows some procedures. We can not formally asses a person without taking intake interview. Similarly a therapist can never be successful in treatment until he haven’t built the rapport and trust.

A Psychotherapist gets information about client and make some inferences within the time limit. This information is used for tentative diagnoses. Information which a therapist gets in interview is not enough, he has to verify his tentative diagnosis with the help of standardized, scientific and systematic procedures. Formal assessment involve interviews and application of test batteries. There are two types of these tests.

  1. Subjective Tests: those tests which include a personal opinion and expertise while evaluating and interpreting the applied tests. These tests are based upon projective techniques. According to this perspective person usually project his/her unconscious, own feelings and emotions on the given test. These tests include (Rorschach Ink Blot Test, Thematic Apperception Test. House Tree Person, Human Figure Draw, Hand Test, Word Association Test etc.).
  2. Objective Tests: There are some tools which require standardized methods for their interpretation. There will be no biasness of the therapist. Therapist have to follow the standardized method of interpretation. These tests include (Rotter Incomplete Sentence Blank, Beck Depression Inventory, Manifest Anxiety Scale etc.).

Informal Assessment

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