I am So Grateful for What I have Learned!

Hello everybody, firstly I would like to thank you all for being here today at my graduation.

It’s been a massive learning curve and a real eye opener for me. I have done things that I never thought possible like being drug free and I know I can do this for life.

And I do really feel so amazing now.

What I love the most about this programme is the Objectives* and how this has brought me into present time. It has stopped me from thinking about the past where I always was and brought me into the NOW where I am staying. I can now look forward to my future instead of being so caught up in the past.

I am so grateful for what I have learned. I can now go out and start rebuilding all those bridges that I broke. This is because I now have the tools to do this, and I learned these skills and techniques from this programme.

And Nishan Rehab, I will forever be in your debt, for saving my life, for my kids, my family and for the future. I really can live a happy drug-free life; thanks to you all for helping me through this.

I love you guys at Nishan Rehab Pakistan.” 

* The objectives are unique exercises designed to help bring a person’s attention off the past and into the present.

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