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ExcusesWhere there are excuses, there are no results and vice versa. Excuse-making is very common occurrence when drug addiction hits home. People abusing drugs are very ‘expert’ in making excuses. This article highlighting basis of excuses and how we can get rid off. Everyone is familiar, very familiar with excuses but we don’t consider them as dangerous because we consider them harmless. Very interestingly when we face excuses we do not get results. Excuses are like wolf in sheep’s clothing. Excuses do not destroy substance abuser’s family immediately but they destroy it slowly like a slow poison.

Excuses not merely destroy family slowly but they indicate other problems. Excuses indicate denial of responsibility, projection of blame, procrastination, incompetence, attitude of entitlement, and pessimism. Families do not consider it as problem. Very interestingly when substance abuser makes excuses family consider it as a reason of addiction. It’s really a tough call to differentiate between excuses and reasons. Reasons are always genuine and excuses are baseless. When we talk about excuses it doesn’t mean that there is no space for reasons. Excuses are well guarded lies which keep us away to face any reality.

If family learn how to deal with excuses they start getting results. Hence, it is necessary to know the sources of excuses. There is not a single view for this disease. When a person has to face any confrontation he makes excuses to feel better. In some cases our potentials for making excuses are inborn. Similarly we learn to make excuses. Sometime excuses are used to prevent ego from threatening situation. In some very rare cases people make excuses because they don’t like to hurt other.

Families running with addiction are unable to deal with excuses because they never admit it as a problem. Next interesting thing is that they consider it a little problem. In some cases if someone is considering excuses as problem he will face a problem that he will not be able to measure these excuses. Excuse is a problem which is minimized and people don’t try to do anything for it. In order to get results in addiction recovery we have to eliminate these excuses from substance abuser’s daily life.

If you or your loved one are making excuses and there are no results in life. Nishan offers “Lets Get Results, Not Excuses” classes as non-residential program. To book an appointment, CLICK HERE.

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