Life In The Months After Addiction

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recovery Recovery is the process which takes time, it occurs in stages. As we all know there are maximum chances of relapse in initial months. An addict needs patience to stay in recovery and to make successful sobriety. There are some stages of recovery.

  • Stage one: High Augmentation/ Intensive Change

This is the first stage after recovery known as ‘‘Emotional Augmentation’’ this stage lasts from 3 months to 12 months. In this stage change is very dramatic and has maximum chances of relapse. There are three keys to understand the feelings and behaviors during this stage.

  • First Key : Understanding Emotional Augmentation
  • Second key: Understanding the Physiology of Early Recovery- and Its Effects on Behaviour
  • Third Key: Understanding and dealing with Cravings
  • Stage Two: Moderate Augmentation

In this stage recovering addicts make some noticeable improvements in most of the areas of life. They learn how to control their emotions and how to deal with stresses. There are several keys for better understanding.

  • Key One: A change in the Nature of Augmentation
  • Key Two: ‘‘Waxing and Waning’’ of Physical Symptoms
  • Key Three: Residual Memories of Events from Active Addiction
  • Key Four: A Desire for Change
  • Stage Three: Low Augmentation/ Maintenance

This is the last and final stage. The chances of relapse greatly decreased. All areas of life are now in control, they become emotionally stable in this stage. And desire to maintain sobriety increased.


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