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meditationMeditation is purely a spiritual practice that can be traced hundreds of years ago. It’s a spiritual connection and enlightenment, this practice essentially involves quieting the mind and concentrating on a specific thought or idea. Meditation is usually practiced in a quiet place where one meets up one’s authentic self through the process of inner peace. We at Nishan arrange meditation sessions for our clients, individually and sometimes in a group. There’s no set time frame for a meditation session; it can be done for just few minutes or an hour or two.  However, many substance abusers who meditate regularly strive to achieve the inner peace regardless of having specific spiritual or religious beliefs. Latest literature supports meditation as an effective addiction recovery technique. It is believed that recovering intravenous drug users felt meditation one of the best therapy tools to help them overcome their addiction. As we believe in spirituality and so believe in inner peace. Meditation can be beneficial for anyone working to overcome their addiction. Nishan arranges special meditation sessions for clients. Its integral part of rehabilitation at Nishan.

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