Perplexity and Lost Identity prompts Addictive Personality

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By Aqsa Yaqoob


We are living in a society where majority is striving under hidden cover of an addictive personality, just like a small demon living inside every one of us. Personality is comprised of convictions, when there is a logical inconsistency among activities and expectations, we contort our convictions and growing up with these misshaped convictions we sustain that demon who divert us from who we genuinely are.

“An Addictive Personality is made when we trust that looking outside of ourselves for bliss will bring us what we need.”

The demon constrain us to imagine that we are deficient or might be we are inept to get things done, and we begin living in a purposeful jail and denied feeling vacant inside and to defeat this inclination we searched for new things to get, substances to take, and objectives to accomplish keeping in mind the end goal to feel better about ourselves. We do these things so unknowingly that we don’t know it in view of that demon.

Considering and acting as indicated by demon’s request we turned into the bars of that jail. Because we some of the time control things we felt free, effective, yet that is only a buff that demon is offering us to assume that demon more. As we all are prone to have more or less degree to develop an Addictive personality and there’s no medical test to determine who may develop it , yet there are sure characteristics, to separate between a healthy personality and Addictive Personality it is essential to recognize what Addictive personality really is so I m going to start with a story of a 23 years of age man experienced childhood in Islamabad in relatively uneventful and upbeat childhood.(he claimed), After coming to Nishan Rehab International, He  started knowing that he had an addictive personality – constantly composed, now and again plotting, and enormously determined, combined with a profound want to be “cool” , Anxious, not an incredible blend in any case. He began down an unsafe way when he started smoking pot at age of 15.

They didn’t knew himself and simply needed to be cool since he felt crushed from inside in light of the fact that he need everything; money, looks, family, education… he wasn’t content with himself. So he began smoking routinely. Next to each other he somewhat knew he is experiencing disease. He was encompassed by enthusiastic mishaps, financial issues; he was losing trust in everything. He used to trust that there is no Allah, or nobody can help him and his family out on the grounds that after Dad everybody relies upon me and what he was doing progressively smoking cigarettes, exchanging drugs, Steeling money, losing trust. Staying in a vicious cycle of guilt fear and escaping from reality. Blaming, staying unhappy, Impulsive behaviors ,careless from responsibility, keeping secrets, staying in shadow of self imposed demon, Living in a bubble of fantasy that everything will be okay without struggling anything. But when he realized that this is not me!! its only his  addictive personality which keeps him  in its spiral of unknown fears, past’s event, negative beliefs about himself and belief that he is not enough in everything its only that demon in the form of addictive personality who was controlling him.

He accepted things for the peace of mind, forgive, see commonality in others, focusing on present, Accepting  himself with all my faults and past regrets is all he wanted to get rid of that vicious cycle of an Addictive personality.

“A miracle is a shift in our perception in a way that transforms the thought or belief that a moment ago was causing us pain, into a thought or belief that bring us peace of mind and gratitude.” Miracle happens if you really believe in happening. 🙂



Aqsa Yaqoob


Nishan Rehab Pakistan

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