Principles of Tough Love

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In order to deal with addiction, Tough Love introduced twelve principles which are as follow.

  1. The roots of addiction lie in society and get nourishment from it.
  2. Parents are not God, not angels but they are merely humans.
  3. The emotional and materialistic resources of parents are limited.
  4. Parents and child are never equal.
  5. Blaming each other is an indicator of helplessness.
  6. Children’s behaviors are directly proportional to parents’.
  7. Taking stand creates crisis in a child’s life.
  8. Dealing with the crises brings positive change in a child’s life.
  9. Parents need help and mutual cooperation as a family.
  10. Peacefulness requires appropriate attitudes and not the emotional fluctuation in family.
  11. Recovery is possible once you decide to live happily.
  12. Professional and technical skills assure us of getting rid of addiction and staying in recovery.

Tough Love

Basics of Tough Love

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