Quitting Smoking

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Most of the recovering addicts shift their addiction from drugs to smoking which is also very dangerous for recovering addicts. Smoking increases the chances of relapse. Nicotine or tobacco related illnesses are more fatal than cocaine. So it is very important to make complete abstinence and try to quit smoking by using Seven Step plan.

  1. Learn about Nicotine Addiction, it is chronic,progressive, potentially fatal, severe withdrawal, and compulsive.
  2. Investigate Smoking Cessation Programs in your Area. Join smoking cessation programs to quit smoking because there are many things you can’t do by yourself.
  3. Stop Smoking with structured treatment plan because if you were to stop abruptly you may experience withdrawal syndrome.
  4. Get yourself In a Twelve Step Group, involve yourself in NA meetings.
  5. Change your Environment to support Abstinence
  6. Study the Cause of Relapse and try to prevent the chances of relapse.
  7. Share Your Recovery with others which may help you to reduce the chances of relapse.

To join Nishan’s Quit-Smoking Program, kindly book an appointment and we assure one of our counselors will be waiting for you.


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