Recreational Activities

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  table tennisRecreation is an integral component of Nishan’s inpatient addiction treatment program. Though addiction treatment is a serious treatment process yet recreational part cannot be ignored or compromised. Under the guidance of trained counselors, recreational activities are arranged for the clients that stimulate a wide array of addiction recovery themes such as fostering group problem-solving capabilities, learning to trust others, asking for help and confronting compulsive behavior. Substance abusers utilize all the energy they have to obtain the drug of their choice and neglect everything and everyone else in the process.cycling Nishan takes care of its clients while providing them with facility to express their selves through painting, writing, drawing, music and crafts are other sober recreational activities emphasized at Nishan. Many clients find that as they experience life without the painfully distorting and cognitively numbing effects of addictive substances that the pleasant urge to express their creative side emerges in the form of painting, writing poetry, assembling scrapbooks or making wood crafts. Self-expression can help patients understand more about themselves and also facilitate self-discovery while lifting depression and increasing self-esteem. We at Nishan focus organizing group activities for the clients suffering with substance abuse. Benefits of group activities include improvements in social anxiety and inappropriate social behavior; increased ability to trust and learn from others; enhancement of time management skills and, most importantly, experiencing a tremendous improvement in physical and mental health conditions.


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