Residential Program

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Residential treatment program at Nishan gives your loved one the opportunity to live with other people who are struggling with substance used disorders while getting the help you need to defeat your addiction. Inpatient program require a certain period of time to live and learn in the facility. Minimum duration required for indoor treatment is 12 weeks but it varies depending upon the severity of the issue. While a client is there, s/he receives therapy on a daily basis including Educational lectures, Individual therapy, Group therapy and individual sessions other than leisure activities designed for clients like indoor games, meditation, yoga, exercises and recreational activities in the form of excursions. Clients have to attend 12-step programs designed to help the let go of your addiction.

Residential drug addiction treatment program varies in terms of how it works. We maintain separate inpatient programming and lodging for female clients allowing them to stay focused on their recovery process, explore sensitive issues in a safe and supportive environment, and strengthen trusting relationships with peers.

Overall the indoor treatment focuses on the client’s situation. In designing the treatment plan, a multidisciplinary treatment team is considered for multiple variables such as:

Physical health

Mental health

Family relationships

Substances used


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