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Getting out and have fun shopping is an important part of the addiction recovery process, especially for the clients coming from abroad. Inpatient addiction recovery outings are pivotal to our program. All work and no play/fun, don’t create the balance perspectives we are looking for.

We find that we get to know ourselves best at times on the edge of our comfort zones. Motion inspires emotion after all. We strongly believe clients recover from addictions best when they are removed from the chaotic, everyday unmanageability of their lives. A change of people, places and things is often exactly what one needs when coming into inpatient treatment centers. No matter where you are in your process, self-discovery is a huge part of your self-development. Nishan offers its clients an opportunity to spend time shopping for themselves while receiving indoor treatment for the addiction. Number of good shopping places and malls are available in the capital city for good shopping purpose.

As our treatment program is very personalized and kept to a small number of people, clients get to do what they enjoy, and alternate with what they don’t. There is no one size fits all at.

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