Soft Admission Program

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The power of the Intervention Team (Family) is now transformed into an ongoing recovery team. Treatment professionals at Nishan Rehab know the power of family, but this power has often been wasted with scanty non-professional programs and inadequate planning. It Takes a Family, changes all that. Our clinical intervention services are comprehensive at Nishan. Here are some of the elements of our structured intervention service, based on the best-selling book Love First, by Jeff Jay and Debra Jay:

Training, including how to answer objections, how to use the power of the group to break through denial, how to structure bottom lines and more. Rehearsal, including various scenarios that might take place in the intervention, contingency planning and direction. Intervention, a specific and organized conversation with the addicted person to break denial and move them into treatment. Escort, there is no additional charge to escort your loved one to treatment, beyond the necessary travel expenses. Follow-up, including connection between the treatment facility and the family and general questions.

Every intervention includes:

  • Fact-finding to gain a clear understanding of the issues
  • Choosing the most effective intervention strategy
  • Seven point process for writing intervention letters by family members
  • Brainstorming for objections and answers to objections
  • Planning for bottom line consequences
  • Matching treatment options to family finances
  • Making travel arrangements
  • Professional facilitation the intervention
  • Overcoming objections and dealing with difficulties
  • Professional synopsis delivered to treatment provider
  • First session of Structured Family Recovery

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