Ten Tasks for Clients

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Relapse is predictable danger in recovering addicts. Recovery is the process to maintain sobriety. To minimize the chances of relapse there are ten tasks for addicts. These ten tasks are structured and task oriented.

  1. Stop drinking and taking drugs because drugs alter over mind change the way we think, feel and act. So make complete abstinence.
  2. Learn about your disease, increase your knowledge about addictive disease, identify the addictive symptoms and learn how to prevent relapse.
  3. Self-diagnose is the best task of treatment. Use the information you collect about addictive disease and make a self-diagnosis (to identify your symptoms and defense mechanism you used, and practice techniques to prevent relapse).
  4. Reduce your frame
    of reference to a single day. Begin planning your days, make schedule for every day that’s help or support your recovery.
  5. Rearrange your activities to support recovery. Make a list of healthy activities and your goals but make sure your top most goal must be a ‘‘Sobriety’’
  6. Make abstinence unconditional. Don’t put conditions in your recovery because it make sobriety dependent on others which increase the chances of relapse. An unconditional abstinence support sobriety.
  7. Inform significant others of your recovery plan because these significant others help you and support you to maintain sobriety.
  8. Examine factors that might contribute to relapse in the initial stage of recovery. Make a list of all external
    and internal factors that contribute increase the chances of relapse and to make difficulty in maintaining sobriety.
  9. Develop a plan to prevent a relapse. Make a list of all possible strategies which help you to avoid relapse and also get help of your counselor.
  10. Put this plan into action. It is the time to take action and practice all the skill you learned.


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