Ten Tasks For Families

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family1 Addiction is a family disease. When addiction enters in the house, the entire family system becomes dysfunctional. Family plays an essential role in the treatment of substance abuser because it is the family business not just the addict to take him in the treatment. There are ten tasks of recovery for family to help their loved one fighting against addiction and to establish a sobriety.

  1. Learn about the disease: Educate their self about addiction and collect the information about disease, identify the symptoms and defense mechanism and completely involve their self in the treatment
  2. Identifying enabling and provoking behaviors through self-diagnose process. Because through enabling family protects the addict from negative consequences of alcohol/drug use. While provoking behavior directly encourage the addict to use drug and alcohol.
  3. Try to change and stop these enabling and provoking behaviors. And adopt some new behaviors.
  4. Examine your thinking for resentments and for defense mechanism.
  5. Begin treating your own problems: Addiction also leave diverse effects on family. The entire family system converts into dysfunctional family system. So it’s the time to help your-self and involve yourself in self-help group to improve your own psychological problems.
  6. Set reasonable expectations for the immediate future because addiction is chronic disease so don’t expect too much from recovering addicts.
  7. De-emphasize the alcoholic or addict in your daily life and reduce your focus on the addicts and focus on your responsibilities you have for other family members.
  8. Stop worrying about the possibility of relapse and try to find out the way you can take to help addict to prevent the chances of relapse.
  9. Learn to control your own emotions and to monitor your own thinking.
  • Learn to look for progress instead of perfection. Because perfectionism is an illusion and the spiritual dishonesty. So always try to improve things and make good progress.


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